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Saturday, March 21, 2010
The last few weeks have been intriguing. I've realized, in myself, patterns I thought were long broken. I see things now that have been fear-based that, for a time, I thought were logic grounded... and I'm ready and willing to change. I opened up Marianne Williamson's "Enchanted Love" to a random page and a prayer popped up. I'm going to hold onto this prayer for the next week or so. It fits in perfectly with the next CHOOSE YOU course I'll be teaching:

"Dear God, I don't wish to be a child anymore. I don't wish to be held back anymore. I don't wish to waste my life. Deliver me to new realms, repair me where I am broken, and ready my heart for everything. Thank you, God. Amen."
- Marianne Williamson, Enchanted Love

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Coming Out of a Quake

I was sitting in Starbucks this morning doing the usual thing… online. I had my water bottle, a snack, and my headphones were on. It was another sunny California day and I was thinking “Here’s Tuesday, the same day as Monday only Tuesday” and then I felt a rumble and shake under my feet. I looked down and around and the entire building was shaking. It was like some X-Men/Superhero type person went outside Starbucks and pushed the building with all his might, shaking it to make the cookies and coffee come dribbling out. I looked up and people were running out of the store and then it hit me, “Earthquake.” I’m new to LA, never really experienced earthquakes in Connecticut and, at first, I thought “Run!” But my mind took over and said, “Before you run, Kassandra, take the laptop.” That’s what I did. I half way packed up the laptop and then the people came back in, I sat back down, and life resumed as usual… only it wasn’t as usual. I had a choice to make.

When life altering things happen to each of us, we have one of 2 reaction choices: 1) We can keep doing what we’ve been doing before it happened (and therefore keep getting what we’ve been getting) or 2) We can choose to do something different, knowing that nothing happens until something moves.
I realized today, in the bump of a 5.6 California earthquake, that this wasn’t Monday all over again, that I had a choice as to whether I was going to take this day for granted and live it like I did the last or take it for the adventure that it is and live it like it’s the Tuesday that will never happen again. That’s what CHOOSE YOU! is all about.

It’s about helping women to see that their lives are a series of choices, that by not choosing something different, you’re choosing to accept the same. It’s a 4 week transformational workshop that has an online platform with a down home feel. Every week, you’re connecting with 10 to 20 other women who, like you, want change to take place in their lives. This is not a course about making change; it’s about living it, being it. And the learning you get in CHOOSE YOU! goes on forever because once out of the class, you get all the recorded transcripts, podcasts, and notes from the workshop to keep and refer back to FOREVER. In this way, you can recharge and revitalize at any moment in your life… and all you have to do is click a mouse or turn on your iPod.

So I survived the quake but, more importantly, I’m being the change I wish to see in the world by living the adventure of today. I’m taking an apply-and-conquer approach to my life because I know how to choose me.

Are you ready to choose you?

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Are You Afraid You Made the Wrong Life Choice?

The path less traveled… Do you ever sit and wonder about what could’ve been if only you’d done things different? Do you find yourself stuck in a certain place in your life because you’re afraid to make the “wrong” choice? What if you knew you couldn’t fail? What if you knew that every choice you made has a rhyme and a reason, that every experience in your life entered your life to make you grow, to bring you closer to the peace, love and happiness you crave? Would you still fear change?

Some people leap forward in their lives, taking risks, learning lessons, making life this fun adventure that’s about learning and growth. Others contemplate even the smallest of decisions, play it safe in every circumstance only to end up feeling held back and locked in, questioning their every move from the time they make it to years after they’ve done it. One person lives in the freedom of the experience. The other lives in the prison of their doubts.

The question is: which one are you? Who are you choosing to be today?

We live in a society that was built on freedom but condemns choice by calling it failure, mistake, wrong move. But that simply isn’t true. Every move we make is the right move, at the right time for the moment we’re in in our lives. There are consequences to every action but the worst thing any one can do is take no action because of a fear of failure. Failure is simply an opportunity for learning and feedback. If you never ate a food you didn’t like, how would you know the foods you love? If you never experienced night, how would you know what the day is? If you never went through a tough time, how would you know how to feel gratitude and appreciation for the great times? You wouldn’t.

The gift in life comes in the fact that we’re never the same. We’re always changing and the gifts of today came from the lessons of yesterday.

Who would you be if you got out of your own way? What could you do if you only knew how powerful you truly are? Isn’t it time you CHOSE you?

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Friday, July 18, 2008

What does "really loving myself" look like?

When I think about what it means to really love myself, the first thing that comes to mind is non-judgment. We spend too much time judging ourselves for not being: not being smart enough, rich enough, thin enough, happy enough, flexible enough. The list could go on forever. When I imagine what it looks like to really love myself, I see acceptance, being in this moment and knowing that everything's right with the world, that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, that I'm doing my best, that my best is good enough, that everything I need shows up right on time, that nothing and no one's missing from my life, that I love how I look, I love what being me feels like, that when I make a mistake, it's a great thing because it means I'm learning and growing.

When I think about really loving myself, I trust myself. I trust that I know which way to go with my career, that even if I don't, it'll come, that there's so much inside of me, that there's no way I can't get it right (whatever "it" is). When I really love myself, I know that nothing can stop me, that all experiences work in my favor, that great people and experiences are on their way to me because my passion for life attracts them. When I really love myself, I know it's my right to take time for myself. I can say "no" to people, engagements and requests for my time because I know that part of being a woman is being a queen and key to being a queen is being rested. I rest and don't feel guilty. I work and don't feel burdened. I play and enjoy it. I have the power to lift my own spirits and when my mood changes or I'm feeling pain, I know that I chose it and I can change it.

When I really, really love myself, I don't say "You've got a long way to go." I say "How far you've come and you're still growing."

Above all else, when I really, really love myself, I love what is, I stay in the here and now because who I am is perfect and will take me wherever I need to go next. I throw worry, guilt and fear away and I buy awe, joy, and peace because the interior tape that plays in my head is no longer "You're not good enough." It's "You are everything you need to be to do everything you want to do and I love you... just as you are." That's what it means to really, really love yourself.

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Who Would You Be If You Got Out of Your Own Way?

Who would you be if you got out of your own way?

What would you do if you focused on what you could do as opposed to what you haven't done?

Where would life go for you if you knew that you were creative, powerful, and resilient and could handle anything that came your way?

What wouldn't you do if you knew that failure wasn't real, that results are opportunities for feedback and learning and that the people who succeed are the ones who never stop trying?

Who would you be?

Find out in CHOOSE YOU! 4 Weeks of Transformation and change.

This is your life. Make it about you!

CHOOSE YOU! 4 Week Workshop
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