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Saturday, March 21, 2010
The last few weeks have been intriguing. I've realized, in myself, patterns I thought were long broken. I see things now that have been fear-based that, for a time, I thought were logic grounded... and I'm ready and willing to change. I opened up Marianne Williamson's "Enchanted Love" to a random page and a prayer popped up. I'm going to hold onto this prayer for the next week or so. It fits in perfectly with the next CHOOSE YOU course I'll be teaching:

"Dear God, I don't wish to be a child anymore. I don't wish to be held back anymore. I don't wish to waste my life. Deliver me to new realms, repair me where I am broken, and ready my heart for everything. Thank you, God. Amen."
- Marianne Williamson, Enchanted Love

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Take It Back!

2008 may have been a great year... or a not so great year. It may, at this point, seem like a year of many losses... or a year of many gains. Whatever kind of year it's been for you, ask yourself one question: What do I deserve? Too many people sit back and let life happen to them. What they don't realize is that, in every circumstance, in every experience, you have the power to choose. Your obstacles can always become your opportunities. In fact, that's what they truly are but if you spend all your time in worry, doubt or fear, you're taking your mental energy and using it to keep yourself stuck where you are when you could be focusing on the amazing power you have to get up, to step out, and to get exactly what you want.

Why do people stay stuck? There are so many reasons but the one I want to talk about today is this one: Some people are not willing to do what it takes, to stay in the game for the long haul, to persevere no matter what. Who said your path would be easy? Who said your path would only have roses and happy people in it? No one. So when the first obstacle comes and knocks you off your feet or you hear the first no in your business or you lose the relationship you thought would be there forever, you feel taken for a loop. You fee trapped in a situation that you never thought would be you. You feel lost and, sometimes, you feel helpless. Who's choosing to feel that way?

The bottom line is this: anything you've lost in 2008, anything that's happened that's thrown you for a loop in 2008, you can get back... AND THEN SOME! It's about what you think, what you believe, and what you do. Remember: you'll know how someone thinks, not by what they say but by what they do. You don't have to take people's word for it. You don't have to take your own word for it. Your affirmations are great but what you REALLY believe will come through by what you choose to DO. Make the choice today that 2009 is going to be the year that, whatever you lost, whatever you left, whatever you feel is missing in your life, YOU TAKE IT BACK! YOU CAN DO IT!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Beauty of You

Tis' the season for giving. What have you given to yourself for being perfect just the way you are? Have you serenaded yourself? Have you looked in the mirror and said, out loud, "I love you just the way you are!" What do you tell yourself when nobody's around? Are they words of love or words of fear?

The biggest thing you'll ever want to learn is not how to be a better person but how to be a more loving person and you don't learn that by loving OTHER people more; you have to start within and the only way to truly understand what it means to love more is to have more love to love with. There's only one way to get more love and it's by giving more love to yourself.

When you say things like "I'm not good at that" or "I always mess up" or "I'm a clutz" or "I've never been good with money" what you're really saying is "I'm not good enough." And that's a lie.

The bigger lie? That who you are has to change in order for you to be acceptable, especially to you. You don't have to lose another pound, get paid one single dollar more, clean the house any better, or do anything to deserve more. Right now, right where you are, you deserve the best.

There's no ifs, ands, or whens to that. You are magnificent! You are brave! You are astounding! You are and it's about time you started giving back to yourself by calling you by your true name. God operates in you and through you. You couldn't be half the negative things you say to yourself if you knew just how divine you truly are.

Tis the season to love yourself more. Look in the mirror today and give yourself a big hug and kiss! You deserve it!

Friday, December 19, 2008

What is your dream?

What is your dream?
Are you living it?
What is your passion?
Are you pursuing it?
What's holding you back?
Have you let go of it?

Isn't it time you lived every day to its highest level?

We forget that our dreams are ours. They can't be orphaned, abandoned or lost. They were conceived within us, born within us and, if we never actualize them, they die with us. Your most important contribution to the world isn't what you sacrifice; it's what you offer. It isn't about what you do; it's about how you live your life.

Action is only powerful if passion and purpose are behind it and if faith is fueling the engine. You become only what you believe you CAN become.

Where you are today, your mind put you.
Where you'll be tomorrow, your mind put you.
Isn't it time you CHOSE you?


When was the last time you made YOU the priority?
Are you tired of telling people "I'll do this when..." or "This can't happen until..."?

Stop waiting! Start becoming! CHOOSE YOU!

Register for this popular 4 week online workshop by Monday, December 21st! and get an AMAZING ADDED BONUS:

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That's a total of 6 1 hour coaching sessions, 4 weeks of empowerment and change, and an action plan that will not only change your priority list but transform your life.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Make it Count!

Life is too short to half do ANYTHING! If you're going to take a step in life, any step, MAKE IT COUNT! Do it with purpose, passion, expecting great results. Your life can be so much more than it is right now and, contrary to popular belief, it's not a recipe of you + more money + more time = a better life. The equation looks more like this:

Your beliefs + your thoughts + your actions + your perseverance + your passion = AMAZING RESULTS.

A life well lived is not one where you've saved yourself from pain. It's a life where you've transformed pain into peace by knowing the one thing that remains true in ANY life situation: You can handle it.

We never get more than we can bare. In every problem is the wherewithal for its overcoming. If you don't believe me, take any one problem you're having right now and spend 30 minutes LOOKING for solutions (not problems). You'll find that I'm right.

Today is the day you've got. Make it count!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Buck Stops Here

I was doing Tae Bo this morning (one of my favorite workout DVDs) and, for the first time, in a long time, I actually watched the last few minutes of the DVD. Usually, I go through the workout, finish the cooldown and press "Stop" but today I didn't. I listened to Billy Blanks as he said something that really hit home: "Where I am today is where my mind put me. Where I'll be tomorrow is where my mind put me."

When you really think about what that means to your entire life, it's profound. You see, whether you're in shape or out of shape, whether your finances are a mess or you've got plenty of savings, whether you're in a career you love or hate, whether you're happily married or unhappily attached, whatever your circumstances, they are the direct result of where your mind put you, of what you, on some level, felt you deserved, wanted, needed, could have and while you might be inclined to go on a guilt trip about why you would ever choose some of the things you've chosen, stop and realize that, in this very moment, you have the ability to CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY.

And that's the powerful lesson of it. No matter where you are, no matter where you've been, no matter how far you have to go, you create your life. You CHOOSE always and the beauty of knowing this comes in being able to get very clear and very focused on what you want and to keep your mind and heart invested in that future and not in the appearance that currently surrounds you.

That is the goal of the 4 week CHOOSE YOU! workshop, to transform the lives of women by helping them choose themselves and make their desires, needs, goals, and dreams a priority in their own lives.

You can do it!

Simply believe, commit to it, act on it, and where you'll be tomorrow is where your mind put you.

Register for CHOOSE YOU! today!

Price: $278.00 (includes ALL materials PLUS 3 hours of life coaching via telephone)
Registration Deadline: 1/5/2009
START DATE: 1/19/2009
END DATE: 2/15/2009

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Do You Have a Poverty Mentality?

Do you worry about spending money even before you get paid?
Do you try to get the most bang for your buck, even if it means picking up the lowest quality product?
When deciding between the soap or toothpaste you want and what’s on sale, do you waiver?
Are you living without some of the most basic things simply because you feel you cannot “afford” to buy it?
When you buy, are you buying principally on credit or debt because you feel that this is the only way you can get these things?
Do you feel that earning above a certain annual household income is near impossible, unless you work yourself to death?

Were you raised with any of the following money beliefs?
“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
“You’ve got to work hard for every single penny you earn… and even then nothing’s promised.”
“Life is hard.”
“Money comes and goes but there are always bills.”
“The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”
“Rich people were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.”
“Money is the root of all evil.”

If any of the above applies, you may be one of so many who lives (whether on a conscious, subconscious, or unconscious level) with a poverty mentality. How do you know you have one?

Spend a day listening to yourself talk. If you find that you use any of the following words REPEATEDLY, the likelihood is that you have a poverty mentality somewhere in your consciousness.
* struggle
* hard
* can’t afford
* sacrifice
* getting by
* ends meet
* poor
* barely making it
* just enough
* too expensive

Why is it so important to know whether you have a poverty mentality?

You may be thinking that what’s keeping your business, career, or financial status from growing lies in your business, your career, or the economy. The truth is it lies in you. No matter what the economy looks like, there are still people making massive amounts of money. No matter what career you’re in, there are still people in your same career making lots of money. No matter what business you’ve started, there are other businesses (in the same industry) who are getting more and more new clients and customers EVERY SINGLE DAY.

What’s the difference?

This is such an important issue that I’ve added a new component to CHOOSE YOU!, the 4 week online empowerment workshop, starting January 5th, dedicated to erasing the poverty mentality forever.

Are you ready?

Just say yes!

Space is limited. Enroll today!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Next Session of CHOOSE YOU! starts January 19th!

The next session of the CHOOSE YOU! 4 Week Empowerment workshop starts Monday, January 5th! Don't miss out!

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START DATE: Monday, January 19, 2009
END DATE: Sunday, February 15, 2009
COST: $278.00

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

CHOOSE YOU! is now a standalone coaching program

I've had so many men and women tell me, "I'd love to take your course but I'm not available for the weekly online classes." So I'm answering all of you out there who want to be able to take CHOOSE YOU! but need flexibility in terms of how and when you take in the information. Choose You! is now offered at the same great price as a standalone coaching system.

What does that mean?

When you purchase CHOOSE YOU! (by clicking on the PayPal Link to the left), you have the option to take the 4 week online workshop or to receive the MP3 series and complete the workshop at your own pace, in your own time.

The standalone coaching program comes with the following:
* CHOOSE YOU 101 (MP3)
* CHOOSE YOU Course Manual
* CHOOSE YOU! e-book
* 3 one hour life coaching sessions (via telephone)

I've made this truly a choose you course. Now you have the choice- online or on your own time.

Don't miss out! Purchase CHOOSE YOU! today!

Kassandra Vaughn, the ROI Coach

Don't Wait to Get Sick to CHOOSE YOU!

I find that so many of my clients run themselves ragged before deciding that they need a break. Burnt out is never a good time. Even as a coach, I take times, like today, to recouperate and rejuvenate. I feel a cold coming on and instead of pushing myself to the max, instead of forcing myself to be everything for everyone, I'm taking Wednesday through Friday off to meditate, recouperate, and get recentered. EVERY MAN AND WOMAN has this right. EVERY MAN AND WOMAN has this responsibility, not only to him/herself but to his/her family. It's time we decide that it's time to choose us. It should not take a sickness, serious disease, or tragic life event to put is in a place of recognizing that we need our own time and space to rejuvenate. Your time is precious. Be sure, today, that you are making time for you!

Kassandra Vaughn, the ROI Coach

Stop waiting! Start becoming! CHOOSE YOU!

Monday, September 29, 2008

10 Wonderful Lessons I Learned Through Divorce

One of my callings in life is to prevent as many divorces as possible. I truly believe that it is my having gone through a divorce that has given me the compassion and empathy to create programs like CHOOSE YOU, Not Divorce! that will result in saving many, many marriages. If you know someone who's thinking about divorce or if you're contemplating divorce, order CHOOSE You, Not Divorce and give yourself the greatest gift you ever possibly could: the ability to love and be loved unconditionally, now and always.

In the meantime, read the 10 Wonderful Lessons I learned through divorce. My hope is that you never have to learn them:)

Kassandra Vaughn, the ROI Coch

#1- You never fix a problem by condemning it

#2- Financial independence is the best choice while married and a required step once divorced; choose it early so you don't feel pressured to attain it later

#3- It takes 2 to make a marriage work but only one to watch it fall apart

#4- Your best strategy for filing for divorce is to marry the right person so you never have to

#5- To marry the right person the first time around, you have to be the right person BEFORE you meet them (we attract who we are; whole attracts whole; broken attracts broken)

#6- Love doesn't leave; the willingness to love is sent away

#7- Anyone who would rather control you than co-create with you isn't interested in a partnership; they've decided upon having a dictatorship

#8- Just because you get a divorce, it doesn't mean the relationship ends. There's no such thing as marriage amnesia.

#9- Regret, guilt, and shame have no place in relationships. All 3 require you to believe in a very big lie: that things should've gone or should go differently. The truth is that it's all perfect; everything happens for a reason

#10- Your ex-spouse has been and will always be one of your greatest life teachers. Respect and appreciate them for every opportunity you've been given to see exactly what you DON'T want.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

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The holidays are coming! Believe it or not, September's ending, October will go by quickly and we'll be right in the middle of Thanksgiving and Christmas. With the holidays can come a sense of rush, panic, and stress. Dealing with family, gifts, parties, time, kids, all of it can make one very anxious. And, yet, that's a choice. This year, I want you to CHOOSE differently. To encourage that, I'm offering everyone a BONUS exclusive. If you sign up for our FREE weekly CHOOSE YOU! newsletter (you can enter your email address to the left of the screen), you'll receive an exclusive report that will help you choose peace and tranquility rather than rush and anxiety: The Power of YES. Learn how to eradicate stress, anxiety, and panic; move yourself into a place of peace no matter what the situation. Get the secret strategies that make 3 words your guide through family drama and financial strain.

Get the best newsletter on the planet dedicated completely to making YOU the priority! AND a BONUS exclusive focused on making this holiday season (and EVERY season) the best, most peaceful EVER! Don't miss out!

Kassandra Vaughn, the ROI Coach

Friday, September 26, 2008

Turn It Around

Are you waiting for a lucky "break"? The economy to get better? People to change? What are you waiting for? One of the greatest gifts of life comes in the fact that each of us has the power to change our own lives, each of us can live a joyous existence even if nothing in our current condition changes? "How is that possible?" you ask. The answer is one word: choose.

You choose how you wake up, how you go to work, how you see the world. Everyday, you wake up and make a choice as to whether you live in a friendly world where people, places and things line up to help you or a hostile world where people, places and things are always working against you. You choose.

Now most of us create unconsciously. We walk around pissed off, mad at the world, mad at our spouses, resentful, regretful, remorseful and then we wonder why life is "hard." It's hard because we see it as hard. It's tough because we create situations and circumstances that give us reason to be right. Aren't you tired of being right? Wouldn't you rather be happy?

It's time for you to stop waiting and to start being the best of who you are RIGHT NOW in this moment. You don't have any other moment to do it. Money won't fix this. Counseling won't change this. Other people acting different won't make it any better. You are the lock, the key, the door and the doorknob. You are it already and it's when you decide that this is a friendly, cooperative world where you prosper and feel joy, it's at that exact moment that your life will change and, yes, you will be able to CHOOSE YOU!

Do it now...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On the Verge of Divorce

Watch any of the powerful court scenes out of the classic divorce drama "Kramer v. Kramer." What do you notice? Two people who’d once been very much in love and very much committed to building a life together now sitting in a courtroom, in the ashes of their relationship, battling over the greatest gift they’d ever been given: their son.

How did they get here? What takes two people from love, respect, and passion to anger, disrespect, and apathy? Could anything have been done along the way to prevent this from ever even being a consideration?

A wise person once told me, “The key to a happy marriage is growing together and not growing apart.” With a 60% divorce rate, somehow, we, in this country, are not getting what that means. So how do you stay in a marriage when you feel disrespected, unloved, mistreated, trapped, hurt, and constantly filled with a sense of desperation to leave? What do you do when you live with someone who does nothing but criticize or complain? How do you move forward in a relationship when you’re growing and the other person isn’t? When do you say, “Enough is enough” and how do you walk away from something you promised you’d never leave?

The truth is if two people enter a marriage choosing themselves, honoring themselves, loving themselves, these same two people have the ability to fully and completely choose each other WITHOUT feeling like they are losing or sacrificing ANYTHING. It is when two people come together with the intention to “complete each other”, to fill in the gaps, to be someone they are not so the other person is happy that we wind up with a situation where people end up sacrificing themselves for the other person only to discover that no matter how much they give in or give up, it’s never enough.

You see, we like to win, men and women both and when one partner feels like no matter what they do, it’s never enough, there’s no winning and hence the relationship begins to die.

How do you stop the process once it starts?

Visit the Choose You, Not Divorce website at and click on the PayPal link to order your copy of this amazing coaching series today!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Coming Out of a Quake

I was sitting in Starbucks this morning doing the usual thing… online. I had my water bottle, a snack, and my headphones were on. It was another sunny California day and I was thinking “Here’s Tuesday, the same day as Monday only Tuesday” and then I felt a rumble and shake under my feet. I looked down and around and the entire building was shaking. It was like some X-Men/Superhero type person went outside Starbucks and pushed the building with all his might, shaking it to make the cookies and coffee come dribbling out. I looked up and people were running out of the store and then it hit me, “Earthquake.” I’m new to LA, never really experienced earthquakes in Connecticut and, at first, I thought “Run!” But my mind took over and said, “Before you run, Kassandra, take the laptop.” That’s what I did. I half way packed up the laptop and then the people came back in, I sat back down, and life resumed as usual… only it wasn’t as usual. I had a choice to make.

When life altering things happen to each of us, we have one of 2 reaction choices: 1) We can keep doing what we’ve been doing before it happened (and therefore keep getting what we’ve been getting) or 2) We can choose to do something different, knowing that nothing happens until something moves.
I realized today, in the bump of a 5.6 California earthquake, that this wasn’t Monday all over again, that I had a choice as to whether I was going to take this day for granted and live it like I did the last or take it for the adventure that it is and live it like it’s the Tuesday that will never happen again. That’s what CHOOSE YOU! is all about.

It’s about helping women to see that their lives are a series of choices, that by not choosing something different, you’re choosing to accept the same. It’s a 4 week transformational workshop that has an online platform with a down home feel. Every week, you’re connecting with 10 to 20 other women who, like you, want change to take place in their lives. This is not a course about making change; it’s about living it, being it. And the learning you get in CHOOSE YOU! goes on forever because once out of the class, you get all the recorded transcripts, podcasts, and notes from the workshop to keep and refer back to FOREVER. In this way, you can recharge and revitalize at any moment in your life… and all you have to do is click a mouse or turn on your iPod.

So I survived the quake but, more importantly, I’m being the change I wish to see in the world by living the adventure of today. I’m taking an apply-and-conquer approach to my life because I know how to choose me.

Are you ready to choose you?

Sign up today!

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What are you doing?

Kassandra Vaughn, the ROI Coach

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Are You Afraid You Made the Wrong Life Choice?

The path less traveled… Do you ever sit and wonder about what could’ve been if only you’d done things different? Do you find yourself stuck in a certain place in your life because you’re afraid to make the “wrong” choice? What if you knew you couldn’t fail? What if you knew that every choice you made has a rhyme and a reason, that every experience in your life entered your life to make you grow, to bring you closer to the peace, love and happiness you crave? Would you still fear change?

Some people leap forward in their lives, taking risks, learning lessons, making life this fun adventure that’s about learning and growth. Others contemplate even the smallest of decisions, play it safe in every circumstance only to end up feeling held back and locked in, questioning their every move from the time they make it to years after they’ve done it. One person lives in the freedom of the experience. The other lives in the prison of their doubts.

The question is: which one are you? Who are you choosing to be today?

We live in a society that was built on freedom but condemns choice by calling it failure, mistake, wrong move. But that simply isn’t true. Every move we make is the right move, at the right time for the moment we’re in in our lives. There are consequences to every action but the worst thing any one can do is take no action because of a fear of failure. Failure is simply an opportunity for learning and feedback. If you never ate a food you didn’t like, how would you know the foods you love? If you never experienced night, how would you know what the day is? If you never went through a tough time, how would you know how to feel gratitude and appreciation for the great times? You wouldn’t.

The gift in life comes in the fact that we’re never the same. We’re always changing and the gifts of today came from the lessons of yesterday.

Who would you be if you got out of your own way? What could you do if you only knew how powerful you truly are? Isn’t it time you CHOSE you?

Do it today! Sign up for CHOOSE YOU!, a transformational 4 week online workshop that starts September 8th.

Don’t wait! CHOOSE YOU!

Friday, July 18, 2008

What does "really loving myself" look like?

When I think about what it means to really love myself, the first thing that comes to mind is non-judgment. We spend too much time judging ourselves for not being: not being smart enough, rich enough, thin enough, happy enough, flexible enough. The list could go on forever. When I imagine what it looks like to really love myself, I see acceptance, being in this moment and knowing that everything's right with the world, that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, that I'm doing my best, that my best is good enough, that everything I need shows up right on time, that nothing and no one's missing from my life, that I love how I look, I love what being me feels like, that when I make a mistake, it's a great thing because it means I'm learning and growing.

When I think about really loving myself, I trust myself. I trust that I know which way to go with my career, that even if I don't, it'll come, that there's so much inside of me, that there's no way I can't get it right (whatever "it" is). When I really love myself, I know that nothing can stop me, that all experiences work in my favor, that great people and experiences are on their way to me because my passion for life attracts them. When I really love myself, I know it's my right to take time for myself. I can say "no" to people, engagements and requests for my time because I know that part of being a woman is being a queen and key to being a queen is being rested. I rest and don't feel guilty. I work and don't feel burdened. I play and enjoy it. I have the power to lift my own spirits and when my mood changes or I'm feeling pain, I know that I chose it and I can change it.

When I really, really love myself, I don't say "You've got a long way to go." I say "How far you've come and you're still growing."

Above all else, when I really, really love myself, I love what is, I stay in the here and now because who I am is perfect and will take me wherever I need to go next. I throw worry, guilt and fear away and I buy awe, joy, and peace because the interior tape that plays in my head is no longer "You're not good enough." It's "You are everything you need to be to do everything you want to do and I love you... just as you are." That's what it means to really, really love yourself.

If you're ready to take your life to the next level, CHOOSE YOU! This phenomenal online workshop starts September 8th! Sign up today!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Who Would You Be If You Got Out of Your Own Way?

Who would you be if you got out of your own way?

What would you do if you focused on what you could do as opposed to what you haven't done?

Where would life go for you if you knew that you were creative, powerful, and resilient and could handle anything that came your way?

What wouldn't you do if you knew that failure wasn't real, that results are opportunities for feedback and learning and that the people who succeed are the ones who never stop trying?

Who would you be?

Find out in CHOOSE YOU! 4 Weeks of Transformation and change.

This is your life. Make it about you!

CHOOSE YOU! 4 Week Workshop
Start Date: September 8, 2008
Cost: $278.00
Where: Online

Saturday, June 14, 2008

What is your dream? Are you living it?

What is your goal? What is your dream? Are you taking steps in that direction? CHOOSE YOU! is a transformational 4 week online workshop for both men and women that will not only change the way you think but will alter what you believe about what is POSSIBLE for you.

If you're ready to stop waiting and to start living, NOW is the time to do it!

Register for CHOOSE YOU!

"Our doubts are traitors, And make us lose the good we oft might win, By fearing to attempt."
- William Shakespeare

Take a Risk!

What is the one thing you'd pursue or achieve if you knew YOU COULDN'T FAIL? That's where you should be! That's what you should be doing! It is your beliefs about success and failure that determine the direction you take your life in. If you know that there's no such thing as failure, that everything you do produces a result, that you have the ability to take your results and change your strategies so you can produce different outcomes and, over time, get exactly what you want, risk becomes less daunting.

Life is about taking chances. It's about making a decision to live fully in the moment, to take hold of opportunities, expecting the best and knowing that everything that occurs, even the worst, adds to your life experience.

Today, no matter what you're doing, make a choice to believe that everything you want in your life is readily available. All you have to do is take a risk.

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway! Change your life in 4 weeks!

CHOOSE YOU! is a wonderful 4 week transformational online workshop. Using the "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" approach of Susan Jeffers, this 4 week workshop will motivate, inspire, and direct you. In 4 weeks, you'll develop a strategic plan for living life on YOUR TERMS. In this course, you receive:
- THE MAP (a set of 4 MP3 podcasts)- Learning how to make strategic life changes and making yourself the priority of your life
- YOU CAN DO IT! Motivational MP3 designed to help you turn your obstacles into opportunities
- Weekly web conferencing with your facilitator and others in the workshop
- CHOOSE YOU! Course manual and weekly affirmations
- One half hour coaching session (via telephone)
You receive ALL of this at a phenomenal price: $125.00

Don't miss out! Stop waiting! Start becoming! CHOOSE YOU!

Start Date: Monday, September 8, 2008

Friday, January 25, 2008

About Your Instructor

Kassandra Vaughn, CEO of Clean Slate Films and ROI Coaching, will be teaching her popular 4 week transformational seminar called "Choose You!" in an online class format.

Born in Norwalk, CT, Ms. Vaughn graduated high school at the age of 16 and proceeded to attend Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY. With a B.S. in Sociology at the age of 20, she left behind other's expectations of medical school and went on to earn an MBA from Auburn University by the age of 20. Kassandra, like all women, has experienced the hills and valleys of life. A teenage mom at the age of 19, she worked a full time night job doing data entry while pregnant and maintaining full time status in college. Divorced after 10 years of marriage and a mom to three children, Ms. Vaughn made a choice to pursue her dream as a writer, producer, and actress... and life has never been the same since. She continues to write and produce and is a published author. Having gone through four years of secondary infertility before having her second and third child, Ms. Vaughn is the author of "Conceiving By Faith: Getting Through the Journey of Infertility" and the upcoming release, "Choose You!" It is Ms. Vaughn's goal to reach out to men and women and let them know that living their dream isn't only possible; it's the only choice possible.

In this 4 week course, you will learn how to envision and formulate your life vision, develop courses of action to bring the dream to fruition, and set up a core group (your master mind group) of 3-6 people who will support you as you move into your destiny. From starting college at 16 to being a mother at 18 to running a successful film and production company and success coaching firm, Ms. Vaughn shares the secret to living your best life. Start now! Email for website and course information.

Are You Living Conditional?

We spend alot of time talking about what we plan to do "when." For whatever reason, now isn't the time to find a new job, join the gym, have a baby, or make a move. It's always the conditional approach: "I'll do this as soon as that happens" or "I'll make a change when I'm ready" or "I'm going to have a baby when I have $15,000 saved in the bank." When you plan your life using the conditional approach, all you get are more conditions.

When are you going to choose you and decide that today is as good a day as any to start living your life, on YOUR terms, in YOUR way, and for YOUR enjoyment? What will it take for you to be ready to take the leap? I've got news for you. None of us feel 100% ready for the leap or 100% sure that there'll be something to catch us wherever we land. The only thing we know when we make that leap is that we can't stay where we are, that where we've been hasn't served us well, and that the only place to go from here is up.

Join me today. Take the leap and register for the online course. You can't keep waiting for the time to be right. Guess what? It never will be. The time is now. Stop waiting! Start becoming! Choose You!