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Saturday, March 21, 2010
The last few weeks have been intriguing. I've realized, in myself, patterns I thought were long broken. I see things now that have been fear-based that, for a time, I thought were logic grounded... and I'm ready and willing to change. I opened up Marianne Williamson's "Enchanted Love" to a random page and a prayer popped up. I'm going to hold onto this prayer for the next week or so. It fits in perfectly with the next CHOOSE YOU course I'll be teaching:

"Dear God, I don't wish to be a child anymore. I don't wish to be held back anymore. I don't wish to waste my life. Deliver me to new realms, repair me where I am broken, and ready my heart for everything. Thank you, God. Amen."
- Marianne Williamson, Enchanted Love

Friday, July 18, 2008

What does "really loving myself" look like?

When I think about what it means to really love myself, the first thing that comes to mind is non-judgment. We spend too much time judging ourselves for not being: not being smart enough, rich enough, thin enough, happy enough, flexible enough. The list could go on forever. When I imagine what it looks like to really love myself, I see acceptance, being in this moment and knowing that everything's right with the world, that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, that I'm doing my best, that my best is good enough, that everything I need shows up right on time, that nothing and no one's missing from my life, that I love how I look, I love what being me feels like, that when I make a mistake, it's a great thing because it means I'm learning and growing.

When I think about really loving myself, I trust myself. I trust that I know which way to go with my career, that even if I don't, it'll come, that there's so much inside of me, that there's no way I can't get it right (whatever "it" is). When I really love myself, I know that nothing can stop me, that all experiences work in my favor, that great people and experiences are on their way to me because my passion for life attracts them. When I really love myself, I know it's my right to take time for myself. I can say "no" to people, engagements and requests for my time because I know that part of being a woman is being a queen and key to being a queen is being rested. I rest and don't feel guilty. I work and don't feel burdened. I play and enjoy it. I have the power to lift my own spirits and when my mood changes or I'm feeling pain, I know that I chose it and I can change it.

When I really, really love myself, I don't say "You've got a long way to go." I say "How far you've come and you're still growing."

Above all else, when I really, really love myself, I love what is, I stay in the here and now because who I am is perfect and will take me wherever I need to go next. I throw worry, guilt and fear away and I buy awe, joy, and peace because the interior tape that plays in my head is no longer "You're not good enough." It's "You are everything you need to be to do everything you want to do and I love you... just as you are." That's what it means to really, really love yourself.

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T-Tyler said...

I love your commentary on really loving myself and what it looks like. I am a Minsiter and I minsiter to teens every week. We have been discussing Sexually Purity for the last 12 weeks and we are not focused on knowing who we are and knowing who we are in Christ. I believe that if you can't communicate to someone ele confidently, who you are, that you are more than likely to except who they tell you are. The majority of our teens get themselves in complicated situations because of this very thing. Thank you soo much for sharing this and I look forward to ready more. T-Tyler