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Saturday, March 21, 2010
The last few weeks have been intriguing. I've realized, in myself, patterns I thought were long broken. I see things now that have been fear-based that, for a time, I thought were logic grounded... and I'm ready and willing to change. I opened up Marianne Williamson's "Enchanted Love" to a random page and a prayer popped up. I'm going to hold onto this prayer for the next week or so. It fits in perfectly with the next CHOOSE YOU course I'll be teaching:

"Dear God, I don't wish to be a child anymore. I don't wish to be held back anymore. I don't wish to waste my life. Deliver me to new realms, repair me where I am broken, and ready my heart for everything. Thank you, God. Amen."
- Marianne Williamson, Enchanted Love

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tomorrow Will Take Care of Itself

Do you trust the process of life?

Yes? Don't be so quick to answer... Let me get more specific.

You just lost the job you'd held for 20 years. You could barely afford your mortgage working 70 hours a week and, now, you don't even quality for 8unemployment not to mention you have a $650.00/month car note that has to be paid if you're going to get to and from job interviews.

Do you trust the process of life?

Or what if you've been trying to get pregnant for 6 years? You've tried everything, exhausted your savings, annihilated your 401(k) and took out a second mortgage on your home, all for 3 tries at In Vitro Fertilization that all failed. You're broke, your marriage is falling apart, and still no baby. Did I mention you're 38?

Do you trust the process of life?

Or what if your entire life, up until now, has been one disappointment after another? For every step you took forward, life pushed you two steps back. Every time you got a new job with some promise, you got assigned a nasty boss or mean co-workers and when promotion time came around, you were always passed up. You live in the same one bedroom apartment with two cats and a dog and you haven't been on a date in years. Your life feels like the Movie "Ground Hog Day" and, no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to get better without getting much, much worse right afterwards.

Do you trust the process of life?

It's so simple to say 'yes' when asked the question but the truth of your answer is not when life is all sunshine. It's when your smack dab in the eye of the storm. Your lesson in every obstacle is to take hold of your vision and use your power to see opportunities, not obstacles.

Every fallback is your golden opportunity to make a comeback. Failure is a result you now know how to achieve and, therefore, can choose not to experience again. When you know the equation of losing, it means you also know that the equation of winning is something entirely different.

Stop replaying all of your mistakes. Learn from them and do something different and, no matter what, no matter what comes, no matter how you feel, and no matter what it "looks" like, know that the universe always conspires in your favor.

Cultivate faith so, even in the tough times, when asked "Do you trust the process of life?", you can answer "Yes!" and really mean it.


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