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Saturday, March 21, 2010
The last few weeks have been intriguing. I've realized, in myself, patterns I thought were long broken. I see things now that have been fear-based that, for a time, I thought were logic grounded... and I'm ready and willing to change. I opened up Marianne Williamson's "Enchanted Love" to a random page and a prayer popped up. I'm going to hold onto this prayer for the next week or so. It fits in perfectly with the next CHOOSE YOU course I'll be teaching:

"Dear God, I don't wish to be a child anymore. I don't wish to be held back anymore. I don't wish to waste my life. Deliver me to new realms, repair me where I am broken, and ready my heart for everything. Thank you, God. Amen."
- Marianne Williamson, Enchanted Love

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Place to Call Home

Where do you call home? Is it a feeling? A family? A place? Where is home for you? Have you ever lived in a city or town where you didn’t feel at home? Ever been to a place that you know is great to visit but not a place you’d want to live?

I meet people from all walks of life, living everywhere from New Zealand to New York to Utah and the one common denominator I’ve found, in each and every person, is this: they know where home is.

Are you living “at home”?

We create sacred space in the home that we live in by creating, within and around us, a sense of belonging, peace and familiarity. The old adage is very true: “Home is where the heart is.” When you find yourself unhappy with where you live, the first question you must ask yourself is this:
Am I at home wherever I am?

To move forward, the answer must be yes. You (your body, your mind, your spirit) are your own home and the peace that you seek can be found, in any circumstance of life, within you. Tap into that well before ever considering a physical relocation. You will never find peace if you’re looking outside yourself for it. Begin within and cultivate an attitude of gratitude for the home that is you.

Once you’ve affirmed “I am at home wherever I am” and you truly believe that, it’s time to look at your surroundings. Do you like the home you live in? Is it clutter free? Does it have color, vibrancy, and openness that makes you feel peaceful and abundant when you walk in the door?

ROIIf you find yourself dreading to come home or feeling closed in by all the furniture in your living room or scatter-brained by all the clutter and junk in your house, guess what? It’s time to do some space and clutter clearing. Your house is a reflection of your state of mind. Honor your space and it will honor you.

Once you have your home clear, you may find that you still don’t like where you live. You could be a city person living in the country or a small town person living in the city or a family person who now lives thousands of miles away from family that you dearly miss. Whatever the situation, if you find, on a daily basis, that you feel any of the symptoms below, it is time to make a move:
* depression
* isolation
* disconnected from those living with you due to longing for a life somewhere else
* no desire to clean, remodel, or nurture your current living environment
* constant complaints about where you live
* financial drain in the form of house projects, bills, and household repairs

Any of these signs are red flags that are telling you something: this location is NOT for you. Too many people live too long in the wrong geographic location because they have convinced themselves that they don’t’ have a choice. You ALWAYS have a choice. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Remember that life is too short to spend even a year living in a place that you can’t call home. At any moment, you have the talent and the wherewithal to make a move. Decide where home is, make an action plan to get there and, without one second of delay, take action and do only those things that will get you there (and not keep you here).

Final Point: You are home whereever you are and you can make your home whereever you choose to be. Either way, you choose…